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Department of the Navy - Naval Historical Center - Bibliography of the War of 1812
A comprehensive bibliography of War of 1812 literature. Unfortunately, the list is not annotated.

The National Archives Research Room.
The National Archvies resource for military and genealogical records with respect to the war of 1812. An essential original source resource.

The Burning of Washington - The British Invasion of 1814
Award winning book by Anthony S. Pitch.

Terror on the Chesapeake - The War of 1812 on the Bay
New book by noted historian Christopher T. George.

Kentucky GenWeb Links
Links to resources related to Kentucky's part in the War of 1812. Includes references to listings of War of 1812 veterans from several Kentucky counties.

Department of the Navy - Naval Historical Center -1812
List of naval officers to whom medals, swords, and other honors were voted by Congress in connection with 13 victorious naval engagements in the War of 1812.

The Hereditary Society Community
This site is designed to bring together the elements comprising the hereditary society community, in an effort to create unity, foster relationships, and inform the public. The entire project is non-profit, and has been initiated for the sole benefit of the Hereditary Society Community. No fees or dues are collected from Advisors, Honorary Members, nor societies listed on the site. We hope your visit will be fruitful, informative, and enjoyable.

Multimedia History Company - War of 1812
"The following entries were taken from the War of 1812 section of the MultiEducator CD Rom entitled: New Nation: America 1787-1820 chronicles the history of the United States from the writing of the Constitution through to the War of 1812. In the program itself the the painting and drawings are larger, every entry is narrated. Nearly every major battle includes an in-depth battle narration that usually include animated battle maps."

Virginia Pay Rolls and Muster Rolls - War of 1812
Virginia State Library and Archives site: "This finding aid indexes Pay Rolls of Militia Entitled to Land Bounty Under the Act of Congress of Sept. 28, 1850 (Richmond, 1851) and Muster Rolls of the Virginia Militia in the War of 1812 (Richmond, 1852) which supplements Pay Rolls. The supplement contains the Companies and parts of Companies which were omitted in the Pay Rolls. Both volumes were copied from rolls in the office of the Auditor of Public Accounts in Richmond."

Partial roster of Ohio Soldiers in the War of 1812
List of those who appear on the rosters of several companies of militia from Ohio.

Roster of Perry County, Pennsylvania Soldiers in the War of 1812
List of those who appear on the rosters of several companies of militia from Perry County, Pennsylvania.

National Society of United States Daughters of 1812 Our counterpart organization.

Dartmoor Prison American Cemetery Restoration Project The Illinois Society War of 1812 installed a stained glass memorial window on June 4, 1910 dedicated to the men imprisoned and to the ones who died. This stained glass memorial is depicted on their beautiful membership certificates.

New York Military Society of the War of 1812

Genealogical Records of the War of 1812