Society History

The idea of a Colorado Society was formulated in June of 2009 by Compatriots Garry Brewer and William (Bill) Buvinger, both members-at-large living in Grand Junction, Colorado. Contacting the General Society they discovered that they would need ten members residing in Colorado in order to form a state society. The General Society was very interested in seeing a new state society in Colorado. Garry was appointed Organizing President and Bill as Organizing Secretary .The General Society provided a list of 13 present members (mostly members-at-large) residing in Colorado and lots of information about how to get started. It was not as easy as it would first appear.

Contacting the members on the list and convincing them to join us as Charter Members proved to be only the first step. Seven members agreed to join us giving us a total of nine members. It turned out that two members on the list were officers in another state society and did not wish to join us at that time. One other member wished to remain a member-at-large for personal reasons, and it turned out that the 13th member was no longer living in Colorado. How would we get that important tenth member? A very good friend living in Utah, Eric Dan Richhart, who was a member with us in several other organizations, was interested in joining with us. However the General Society had strict requirements about the first ten members residing in the State. They informed us that since Utah did not have a State Society, our friend could become a Charter Member but he would not count as one of the required ten.

We were now in December 2009 and it began to look hopeless. Then Garry Brewer stepped up and did the paperwork (and funding) to get his son and grandson as members-at-large. As soon as their paperwork arrived from the General Society transfer forms were done requesting membership in the Colorado Society. WE WERE ON OUR WAY!

With a lot of work by Garry and Bill with the help of a prospective member, Rhy Paris, a Constitution and By-Laws were written and most importantly Rhy did the work to get us our non-profit status. Now we began to recruit new members assisting them in the paperwork. Our Charter was issued by the General Society on March 24, 2010 and presented to the Society at Denver , Colorado on August 28, 2010. We kept accepting Charter Members until 18 June 2010 and ended up with 22 Charter Members. We chose that date since it was the 198th anniversary of the United States declaring war on England starting the War of 1812. Since we do not have a regular office, the Charter was hung, on loan, in the Loyd Files Library at the Museum of Western Colorado. Garry Brewer is a Trustee of the Museum and Bill Buvinger is a Volunteer at the Museum.