Becoming a Member and Requirements


New Guidelines for 1812 Applications of the General Society of the War of 1812
Updated January 30, 2009

1) A new word version of the General Society Application is now available for all to use without any special software or disks. It has been posted to our website at


2) We have approved the use of regular letter-sized paper (8.5”X11”) instead of the legal-sized paper (8”X14”) or the ledger-sized paper (11”X17”) to print the applications on. This will reduce the need for special printers or typewriters to complete the applications.

3) The applications should be printed front and back on acid free paper (such those available in any good paper supply store such as Staples or Office Depot store). The acid free requirement is very important so that the applications will last into the future and not degrade over time.

4) When States submit an Application to the Registrar General for approval, please ensure the assigned State Number is on the Application. Annual Dues of $12 should accompany the Application, made out to the General Society of the War of 1812.

5) Proofs are not forwarded to the General Society. Genealogy verification is the responsibility of the State Registrar and or Genealogist. Only the Application Form and a check are to be sent. No additional documents should be sent.

6) The information on the soldier's service must include dates of service, regiment, state of service, etc. Without the dates of service (even approximate), we cannot confirm they qualify during the period that is approved.

7) The State Registrar submits all applications to Registrar General Christos Christou, 303 Nicholson Road, Essex, MD 21221-6609 in a regular #10 envelope. No special large envelopes, registered receipt, etc. are needed. The applications are eventually tri-folded so sending them unfolded with cardboard supporters or in priority/express delivery envelopes serves no additional purpose and wastes postage and paper. I acknowledge and respond to all applications within one or two business days from receipt.

8) The submitter should list a phone number, email and contact information so if there are any questions regarding the application the Registrar General may call to clear up any issue and expedite confirmation. Also always indicate who should receive the notices of approval for the new member, otherwise it will be assumed to be the person sending the application to the Registrar General.

9) For Members at Large (with no State Society), the application, related genealogical proofs and a check for $65.00 made payable to the War of 1812 Society and mailed to Timothy Harris, Vice President General - Members at Large at 678 Fox Road, Lino Lakes, MN 55014-1968. Phone 763-746-6580, E-Mail

For additional questions, please feel free to contact our Registrar General at 410-574-5467 or E-Mail or the address noted above.

Further information will be published in the next available War Cry.

Constitution of the General Society of the War of 1812

Article VI Membership - Any male person eighteen (18) years of age or older, who participated in, or who is a lineal descendant of one who served during the War of 1812, in a military service of the United States, offering proof thereof satisfactory to the State Society to which he may make application for membership, and who is of good moral character and reputation, may become a member of this Society when approved of by said State Society, under such regulations as it may make for passing upon applications for membership.

The following service and no other shall be regarded as satisfying the requirements of the preceding paragraph:

(1) Service as an officer, warrant officer or enlisted man in the United States Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Revenue Marine, Flotilla Service or Voluntary Corps at any time between November 7, 1811, and July 18, 1815;

(2) Service at any time between June 19, 1812, and February 18, 1815, as a member of the ship's company on any public armed vessel of the United States or any vessel sailing under Letters of Marque and Reprisal issued by the United States;

(3) Service in the militia of any state or territory or the District of Columbia duly called out for service against an armed enemy or for coast or border defense between November 7, 1811, and July 18, 1815.

(4) Service in the forces of the United States at the Battle of Tippecanoe on November 7, 1811.

(5) Service as the President of the United States, Secretary of War, or Secretary of the Navy between November 7, 1811 and July 18.1815.

(6) Service as a Governor of a state or territory of the United States between November 7, 1811 and July 18,1815

No service, however, shall be regarded as qualifying if the person who rendered such service voluntarily bore arms against the United States at any time between the dates named or if such person's latest service between said dates was terminated by a separation from the service under conditions other than honorable.

In case of the failure of lineal descendants of an actual participant in the War on behalf of the United States, one collateral descendant, who is deemed worthy, may be admitted to represent the said participant.

Provided, always, that such representation shall be limited to the descendant of either a brother or sister of the participant in the war, in right of whose services application for membership is made.

Information Concerning Membership in the General Society of the War of 1812

For information concerning membership, gentlemen should communicate with:

Mr. Eric Dan Richhart
Colorado Society of the War of 1812
3844 South Danbury Circle
Magna, Utah 84044-2223